Eurotour Tallinn 24 tafels live & gratis via EPBF/Reelive

EPBF gestopt met samenwerking met Kozoom, en gekozen voor Reelive. Belangrijkste redenen: om niet meer achter een betaalmuur te zitten/zodat iedereen het gratis kan zien via verschillende platformen, om zo de kijkcijfers van pool goed te kunnen zien, en zo de poolbiljartsport op een hoger level te krijgen

18 februari 2023

Persbericht EPBF:

With this letter we want to give you an update with regards to the change of the live stream of EuroTour events & European Championships 2023.

In the past years all European Pool billiard fans were used to the fact that the Livestream of the above mentioned events were in co-operation with the company Kozoom. After a long term partnership with Kozoom the EPBF board did decide that it is time for a change.

As you know most of the live stream were visible via the Kozoom platform via Pay Per View and the EPBF board does want to go in a different direction in order to offer free live streams of the EPBF / IBPF events. The Board is of the opinion that it will be good to know what are the figures of viewers if there is no (financial) barrier to watch the stream of our events. As this was not possible with Kozoom the long term partnership did come to an end. From this end we want to thank the company Kozoom for their partnership in the past years. Together we did move the Pool Billiard Sport to
a higher level. Thanks for that.

The new company that we are having a partnership with is the company Reelive from Germany. The choice to work with this company was made because they are able. and are open, for free live stream via different platforms that are available.

We know that all beginnings are difficult and consequently, things will still go wrong here and there but we are happy to have taken this step.

The Live stream of the EuroTour Men "Dynamic Billard Estonian Open 2023" & the EuroTour Women "EPBF Estonian Open 2023" will thus be offered free of charge via the EPBF Website ( on "tournaments" and click at the tournament of your choice. Once on the tournament site, and once the event is switched to active, you will see a "live" button (next to live score) in the menu. You will then be linked to a portal where you can choose from the 24 available tables that you can click on to watch the match live, and cost free.


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Naschrift KNBB:
De Eurotour Tallinn zal eenmalig niet worden uitgezonden op Eyecons. Een volledig overzicht van actieve en niet actieve livestreams is sinds kort beschikbaar op KNBB onder deze link:


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