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Overzicht van aanmeldingen, registraties en schema's voor het EK Driebanden voor Nationale Teams in Ankara, het WK Driebanden voor Nationale Teams in Viersen en het EK Bandstoten in Paiporta

18 januari 2022

Uit het Persbericht:

- European Championship 3-Cushion National Teams (Ankara, Turkey, Feb.17th/19th 2022): considering that at this moment 4 more places are available the deadline for registrations is postponed from today to next Monday (Jan. 24th). All the teams registered within today deadline (up to 24 teams) are sure to participate. In case 24 registered teams will not be reached tonight the first new registrations will be accepted until Jan. 24th only to reach the number of 24 registered teams. CEB strongly suggest to register teams with reserve players.

- World Championship 3-Cushion National Teams (Viersen, Germany, March 10th/13th 2022): Registrations are open on CEB website. The deadline for Federations is January 31st.

- European Championship 1-Cushion (Paiporta, Spain, March 25th/27th 2022): Registrations will open on January 24th, deadline will be set on February 18th. CEB ranking will be updated on January 21st. Kindly update National Classifications 1-Cushion on CEB website within January 21st with your latest National Championship.

- Coupe d'Europe Classic Teams (Douarnenez, France, March 17th/20th 2022): due to the COVID restrictions imposed by French government and upon request of the organizers this competition is postponed to a later date that will be communicated as soon as possible.

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